Одежда имеет значение

Embroidery is the most durable version of the logo. Gives the product a more elegant look. Compared with other ways of applying the logo, embroidery - the most harmoniously combined with the fabric (clothing, accessories) by texture. Embroidered on the clothes logos can have a three-dimensional view due to the dense coverage of the thread stitches. Embroidered inscriptions and images have an effective look. For embroidery threads of a wide range of colors are used, as well as threads for silver and gold. 

The use of computer embroidery allows nasyshtilogotypy, inscriptions, symbols on corporate clothing, textile accessories (pillows, blankets), and also terry towels. When sewing corporate clothes, uniforms, advertising clothes, machine embroidery is used, probably, more often than other ways of applying logo. Of course, with a relatively small size of the embroidered logo. With a large area of the logo, it is advisable to use a silk screen or thermal printing.

"Embroidery is the most durable version of the logo" 

Embroidered logos also on T-shirts, polo-t-shirts, caps, baseball caps, jackets, sweaters, vests and terry robes. Machine embroidery is performed on souvenirs: plaids, bags, scarves, terry towels. Chevron stripes are also made using the machine embroidery method. 

When sewing is not often the embroidery is made on the edge of the pockets of clothing or on the edge of pillows, two-layer plaids. After all, it is impossible to embroider a logo on the narrow pocket of a ready-made shirt.